Adorn your office and homes with vertical blinds

With the advent of window blinds as a substitute for window curtains, no other type of blinds have gained as much in prominence as vertical blinds have. The biggest advantage in favor of vertical blinds is that they come in hundreds of colors and can match any décor at your home. Whether you have an ancient and orthodox feel to your home, or have a trendy and chic feel to it, vertical blinds can be used. These blinds can melt into the décor itself and create unity in the design, or break the monotony of the color combination with some dynamic and energetic colors.


Unlike window curtains that demand considerable attention and maintenance, vertical blinds are very easy to maintain. You can clean the blinds while they hang on cord system or remove them and wash them with water and detergent. Another great advantage of vertical blinds is that they have an almost indefinite life, as long as the cord controls are not affected. The cord control is the weakest link in all window blinds, as they are greatly susceptive for human damage.


You can order your favorite colored vertical blinds online on this website for very competitive prices. Your chosen vertical blinds will be mailed to your address along with instructions to install them, which are very easy and can be done with no professional support.






blinds have functional value as much as aesthetic appeal

The use of blinds while decorating a home or office adds elegance and convenience to its interiors. Blinds are used for both doors and windows although the use of the same in windows is more common. The general purpose of the usage of blinds is both for shielding the view of the interiors of a room of home or an office and at the same time to have greater control on allowing sunlight into the interior spaces according to the need. Blinds have an aesthetic value and add flavor to a room to make it even more visually appealing.


Blinds consist of several types each having a specific purpose that it is meant to serve.  Vertical blinds, roman blinds, roller blinds, metal blinds, timber blinds and Venetian blinds are some of popular types of blinds are commonly used.  Often the medium in which the slats of the blinds are made determine its name. Broadly blinds are made of fabric, wood, metal and plastic. The materials in which the blinds are made indicate the specific purpose it is meant to serve either privacy or shade. In other words apart from screening the view and providing privacy blinds also serve as light control apparatus. Depending on the way the blinds can be moved that is side ways as in the case of vertical blinds, rolled up or down as the roller blinds or moved up and down as shutters the sunlight can be controlled to illuminate the room or otherwise darken the same.


Blinds have the capacity of heat control also that is equally effective in both cold and hot climatic conditions. Depending on the material that is used blinds can retain the heat in a room under cold conditions and at the same protect unwanted exposure to sunlight in hot seasons or climatic conditions.






Make your home modish with blinds

The modern designs of blinds have all the features like style, hassle free maintenance, an array of fabrics to choose from etc which altogether makes it a popular choice of interior designers. The choice of decent color fabrics with a perfect design can give a graceful touch to your home if you don’t like flaunting colorful designs. There is availability of different textured fabrics for home and office. Be it roller or vertical blinds, it’s the right pick that can give charming interiors.


As the length and style of windows in a home may vary in different rooms, the blinds matching to it would obviously vary. With use of different fabrics and styles of it, each room can depict its own style. The amount of light entering different rooms may differ and accordingly one can use vertical or roller blinds as per low or heavy light. Moreover it can also be used as window cover with a lovely painting on it which will add a touch of beauty to the interior.


The classic designs with patterns having ancient appeal are a loved by people who set their theme of interiors on heavy decorative antiques. Today while a ratio of people go for simple contemporary designs of blinds, the other go for extensive patterns of yester years. On a whole, modern day taste of blinds is a mixture of classic and contemporary.







Vertical blinds for sliding doors and broader windows

The use of blinds on windows has been a practical choice for home or office owners. Blinds combine aesthetic appeal with functionality and give an elegant and neat look to the room. For wide windows, vertical blinds are the best options available.

Finding shades for a broad window or sliding patio door can be difficult. The patterns or designs of drapes and shades are not always fit for unusually large windows. In fact, daily operations can also get difficult at times. Vertical blinds remain the smartest choice here because of their versatility and easy operation.

Vertical blinds are designed in such a way that you get the right amount of sunlight or shade with the pull of a string only. They can be opened or shut without noise and will not disturb the peace of your home. They also add a wider and spacious look to your room.

Vertical blinds are a popular choice as they can provide a tilted part vision or can be drawn together for a full and clear view.

For maximum control of light a vertical blind with curved vanes is the best.

Vertical blinds can be customized as per your choice. A variety of designs and styles are available in different materials to suit the decor. Vertical blinds come in fabric, aluminum, wood and PVC material.

Vertical blinds are suited for home and commercial use and give the windows a decorative touch.






Get stylish with blinds

Blinds blend in both style and functional use making it a lovely assortment. To get the best matching blinds to your interior you can order a sample to tally with your furniture and flooring for sometimes the color differs than as it looks in the picture. When the materials used are the natural extracts like wood then there are chances of difference in look. But these timber blinds give an aesthetic look to your home if it is decorated with wooden furniture’s and flooring. These blinds are made of different types of woods and each one reflects a different beauty.


To have a simple yet stylish look one can go for the metallic slats and venetian blinds is the best option here. Style at an affordable price is like a cherry on the cake which everyone would love to possess and that is what the case of venetian blinds is. Today with ozone depletion we want ultraviolet ray protection when we move outside and inside our homes and this is well taken care of by present day blinds manufacturer who offer U.V protection in some designs.


Tips regarding the best buys of blinds are also available online which offers guidance in grabbing the right one for our office or home. Apart from home, blinds are also available for its use in automobiles and the one made of fabrics is also used in kitchens.









Today in the market many types of window blinds are available. A few are discussed below:


Blackout blinds: These blinds provide total darkness in day light too. They are best for bed rooms which is a place of privacy. They are perfect for afternoon snooze during summer. You can include them in your child’s bedroom as they will be perfect for them to have deep sleep. They are available in many colors and designs to fit your window frames perfectly.


Venetian blinds: These window blinds are best to adjust the sunlight in terms of amount and direction. They are best for those rooms which have high humidity. These are simple and convenient to use as they have controlled mechanism. It is very easy to maintain as you can clean with a damp cloth.


Roller blinds: These blinds are the most common and popular among all the blinds. They give basic privacy and controls sunlight very effectively. They are very easy to fit. Many colors and patterns facilitate you to match with your interiors.


Insect screen blinds: If you are fed up with insects and can’t open the windows for fresh air, you have a solution i.e. insect screen blinds. You can open your windows and enjoy the fresh breeze with your family without the presence of insects.







Add Sparkle to your décor with blinds

What soothes our eyes or is an eye candy is what sells in today’s era. Nevertheless   the quality is all more important and when it comes to a person’s home, no one can compromise with any characteristics. Here both are important i.e. quality and beauty fused together. It is blinds that fuse both to give décor that one can adore. Different companies specialize on blinds that differ in their materials used. Materials are famous with reference to location and are known by it and blinds also inherit this feature. It is with reference to the materials used in blinds, the taste of an interior can be acknowledged, as blinds are bought keeping in mind the theme of the interior.



Exclusive range of blinds are available that suits to decorate the corporate scenario. The designs are made keeping in view the aesthetic outlook of people. There are some organizations who want to define their interiors with high definition colors for whom the conventional pastel shades of corporate is not suitable. There is no dearth of blinds producers over the world that makes blinds keeping in view the demands of the location. There are also buyers who love to buy blinds from different places to give a different look to their office or add a sparkle to their home sweet home.







Blinds – Protect from sunlight with an element of safety

Blinds have become an integral part of our life style today. Blinds not only provide a class to our rooms but help us in having the desired level of sunlight into our rooms. In the past there were no choices but to have the traditional ones, which have only one way function going up and down or tilt open and closed with cords hanging around. The time has changed, today one can have the blind of his own choice no matter what size or shape is required. There are multiple choices available from corded to cord less. One has to understand his basic requirement before making any selection regarding the type of blind. Its important to know how much of sunlight is needed in the room, safety is another point that one has to keep in mind and of course, your own preference of material or fabric should also be considered.


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The most commonly used blind, window blind can be made of fabric, wood or even can be of metal. These types of blinds are used to let the required sunlight enter the house. For offices or business, generally metal blinds are used. They do not protect only from sunlight but even protects from theft, fire, vision etc. They bring in the safety element also as its very essential. Just understand your needs well and there are ample of varieties available to fulfill them.


Make your windows look livelier with the vertical blinds from Image blinds direct

Image blinds direct is an online selling tool of Image blinds private limited. With this online service, one can order and fit the blinds by themselves. This helps the customer to same some money on installations. Vertical blinds are one of the varieties of blinds that is manufactured and sold. The vertical blinds in order to ensure a consistent and even overlap at all times uses a patented stainless steel spacer links between each blind. It provides best possible light and heat control with the slats which turn 180o. In the vertical blinds, the blades can be drawn from both the left and the right sides of the blind. The size of the blinds is 127mm. The vertical blinds are available in 9 popular fabric colours like dynasty white smoke, dynasty cornsilk, dynasty moccasin, dynasty coastal ivory, dynasty papyrus, dynasty clay, dynasty ash and dynasty charcoal. The vertical blinds are also available in 3 popular track colours like white, birch and black.

The vertical blinds from Image blinds direct are award winning and are made from Australian made materials. Once the vertical blinds are ordered online, the blinds are shipped directly and the customer fits the blinds by themselves. The customer also sends the measurements of the vertical blind, which in turn is sent back to the customer. In this way image blinds direct helps the customer to save a lot of money.