Today in the market many types of window blinds are available. A few are discussed below:


Blackout blinds: These blinds provide total darkness in day light too. They are best for bed rooms which is a place of privacy. They are perfect for afternoon snooze during summer. You can include them in your child’s bedroom as they will be perfect for them to have deep sleep. They are available in many colors and designs to fit your window frames perfectly.


Venetian blinds: These window blinds are best to adjust the sunlight in terms of amount and direction. They are best for those rooms which have high humidity. These are simple and convenient to use as they have controlled mechanism. It is very easy to maintain as you can clean with a damp cloth.


Roller blinds: These blinds are the most common and popular among all the blinds. They give basic privacy and controls sunlight very effectively. They are very easy to fit. Many colors and patterns facilitate you to match with your interiors.


Insect screen blinds: If you are fed up with insects and can’t open the windows for fresh air, you have a solution i.e. insect screen blinds. You can open your windows and enjoy the fresh breeze with your family without the presence of insects.


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    Window Blinds (Friday, 21 September 2012 07:08)

    Now we know what window blind to consider at home. Each type varies from their function in a little way, but all of them are used to protect us from heat and give us a good ambiance at home.

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